Welcome to my page! I also offer psychotherapy in English.

My name is Oliver Schuster, I am a psychotherapist in training under supervision specialized in Integrative Gestalt Therapy. 

My two practices are located in 1220 Vienna, near U2 station Hardeggasse. 

My services include psychotherapy, coaching, and counseling

I work with adults and adolescents aged 15 and above. 

I support individuals who are dealing with painful experiences or resonate with statements such as: 

• I experience fear and panic and haven’t found a good way to cope with it. 

• I often feel sad and long for more joy in life. 

• I struggle with compulsions and want to regain more freedom. 

• I feel insecure, unworthy, unloved, guilty, or ashamed of myself. 

• I have trouble sleeping, often feel tired and exhausted 

• I have experienced tragedies and want to learn to cope better. 

• I feel pressure to perform, to please… and want to change that. 

• I feel lonely, but closeness to others makes me feel insecure / angry / sad / anxious. I want to engage more in life. 

• I am unsure of myself / my identity. I want to get to know myself better and finally be myself. 

• I am not satisfied with myself / my body. How can I develop a positive attitude towards myself? 

• I struggle with intense mood swings and want to become more stable. 

• I am currently in a very burdensome situation and can’t handle it on my own anymore.

• I have physical complaints (e.g. stomach problems, restlessness, trembling, migraines,…) and want to address them.

Terms and Conditions: The initial consultation lasts 50 minutes and costs 100 Euro. It is for getting to know each other and clarifying any questions. A session lasts 50 minutes and costs 100 Euro as well. Reimbursement of fees by public health insurance is currently not possible at this time. Sessions usually take place once a week, but we can discuss a different frequency. Psychotherapeutic activities are subject to strict confidentiality laws. Cancellation policy: Appointments can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before the scheduled time by phone, email, or SMS.

Practice 1 (Monday and Thursday): Aribogasse 15/1/14, 1220 Wien (at the door bell please ring at “Cerny”).

Practice 2 (Tuesday and Friday): Wulzendorfstraße 30B, 1220 Wien

Both practices are a short walk from Hardeggasse subway station, with parking usually available nearby.

Contact & Info

Mag. Oliver Schuster

Psychotherapeut in Ausbildung unter Supervision (Gestalttherapie)

Tel.: 0660/2 111 058

E-Mail: praxis@oliver-schuster.at

You can contact me by phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you.